Legal360 for Dynamics 365 to launch at ILTA

Atlanta, GA—360 Vertical Solutions, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 “Global Industry Partner of the Year,” will launch its new industry-specific product “Legal360” at ILTACON. The new offering represents a radical step in CRM technology for law practices. By harvesting and organizing business, contact and relationship information from formerly disconnected in-house and external data fields and content streams, Legal360 brings valuable client and business development intel into sharp, easily-accessed focus for everyone in the firm. The product will be unveiled as Microsoft’s primary exhibitor at the ILTA 2017 Convention from August 13-17 in Las Vegas.

With over 25 years of law firm technology experience and building on the company’s Dynamics CRM success within professional services markets, 360VS is leveraging the globe’s largest legal tech conference to release the Dynamics 365 based business development, marketing and relationship intelligence platform. Legal360 is the first Microsoft cloud-based application that delivers a comprehensive suite of tools to support the needs of lawyers, marketing teams and business development executives. The Legal360 solution delivers a unique and easy-to-use CRM platform by leveraging the Gartner-leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 application, along with a set of synchronization and data harvesting tools that turns law firm data into valuable relationship and business intelligence.

“The excitement never gets old”, stated Whit McIsaac, President and CEO of 360 Vertical Solutions. “But it is a special opportunity to introduce such a different approach to legal CRM in the middle of the ILTA buzz!” McIsaac added, “traditionally, law practices have had separate and disconnected systems for marketing, business development teams and lawyers focused on winning new work. Legal360 bridges these workloads within the firm, and leverages data harvesting tools to aggregate data from in-house systems and external content to provide a 360° perspective for key contacts, existing clients, a strategic client team or a potential new client. Never before has there been a solution like this for law practices and we feel that our legal clients have a significant competitive advantage based on this business intelligence.”

“The perspective and direction of both business development and marketing in the legal market has changed radically in the past five years” added David Hutchinson, Executive Vice President of 360VS, “to complement our Legal360 solution, we’ve combined lessons learned in other professional services industries where they leverage a relationship-based seller/doer model for capturing new business. This approach is working well for architects, engineers, accountants, and consultants – we see law firms looking to quickly adopt this approach.” Hutchinson continued, “our 25 years of developing legal applications and a dozen years of Dynamics CRM trailblazing experience positions the Legal360 group to redefine CRM in the legal industry.”