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  • CRM That Is
    Uniquely Legal

CRM that works for you

Built on top of industry leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform SAGlobal’s Legal360 is a comprehensive and fully integrated suite of ERM (Experience Relationship Management), business development, marketing, and relationship intelligence tools, designed to specifically address the unique needs of law firms. The Legal360 system and the associated best practices of consulting provides the foundation your law firm needs to maintain a clear picture of your clients, matters, contacts, pursuits, and growth initiatives.

Bells and Whistles

With over 2,000 enhancements specifically designed for law firms, we are the experts
in making your client relationships stronger and easy to grow. Here are a few:

  • Centralized Contact Mgmt & Relationship Intelligence
  • Company, Client & Account Management
  • Sync360 Automated Data Harvesting & Sync Tools
  • New Matter Leads & Pursuit Management
  • Client Strategy & Opportunity Tracking
  • Matter & Case Information Tracking
  • Employee Experience & Qualification Tracking
  • Document Assembly for Bios & Qualification Packages
  • Referral Management & Reporting
  • 100% Mobile Functionality For Lawyers On-The-Go
    (including off-line functionality)
  • User, Practice Group & Firm-wide Dashboards
And when you put it all together, you get one remarkable CRM solution.

Most widely used
total CRM platform

Industry specific
application layer

Individual customization
for your firm

Your complete customer
relationship management platform

Why Us


Pre-configured and ready for a quick implementation, and a quicker return on your investment


Simple to use via the familiar Outlook user interface, or via your mobile devices


Highly configurable and designed to fit your business and your process; software that fits you, rather than you having to change to fit the software


Cost effective cloud licensing options, a reduced amount of services required for implementation & configurations, affordable for all sizes of businesses

Legal360 delivers an easy, fast, flexible & affordable solution that enables closer relationships with clients, drives a powerful relationship-based business development process, and helps your firm achieve new levels of CRM success.

Once again named Microsoft
Partner of The Year.

For the fourth time, we have been named a Microsoft
Partner of The Year. That’s no short order. Our company
knows how to maximize Dynamics 365 software and
we help enhance the product with our expertise
in professional services verticals.

Sync 360

Sync360 is our secret weapon that makes CRM work for your organization,
not the other way around. This unique integration and synchronization
tool harvests existing data from your company’s business systems and
creates connections throughout your firm. Users have a single
organized location for all your data. Your CRM system becomes
a source of easy to consume, valuable business information!

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