Win More Business by Deploying the Right Technology

Architects, engineers, and construction (AEC) companies can win more business by strengthening their technology.  A modern business development solution can provide the insight you need to improve productivity and collaboration, and build relationships with customers.  Get to know your customers better, be more responsive, and grow your business by harnessing the power of your data.

AEC businesses that use disparate, specialty solutions end up with land-locked data that is difficult to access and even harder to use.  Download “7 ways architects, engineers, and construction companies WIN MORE BUSINESS,” a complimentary infographic, to learn how today’s modern business technology can lead to new business.  An integrated business solution can put your data at your fingertips, providing the control and insight you need to drive growth.  As shown in the infographic, here are several tips for using your data to win more business:

  1. Gain Insight Into Your Business:  Get a 360 degree view of your customer-centric data by capturing it within a centralized business solution.  Know more about your customers and business connections to strengthen customer relationships.
  2. Prioritize Business Opportunities:  Use an automated scoring system for leads and opportunities to make sure your employees use their time and talents productively and work on projects that drive revenues.
  3. Save Time And Improve Productivity:  Modern business solutions offer workflows and other time-saving automations.  Workflows can establish best practices and improve consistency.  Data harvesting from internal and external sources reduces the need for redundant data entry.  The less time you spend on handling data, the more time you have to use it to your competitive advantage.

AEC firms that use the right technology have the potential to increase revenue growth by 15% and dramatically improve the productivity of their teams.  Download the infographic or contact 360 Vertical Solutions to learn how you can build more business by deploying a complete business development solution. 360 Vertical Solutions, developing business solutions for architects, engineers & construction companies.